We know that 22 veterans will try to kill themselves this Thanksgiving and we must find them first!

Right now they are alone and at the end of their rope even though they might be surrounded by you and people who care about them.

Millions are suffering because of PTSD, anxiety and the depression and loneliness that comes from it.

Right now we can stop this senseless suicide if we tell every Veteran and their family to spread the word that help is on the way.

Through amazing new discoveries, The GUARDIAN METHOD is consistently beating PTSD and anxiety – mostly in a few conversations and without any drugs – ever. Read More…

I haven’t slept this well in years. I’m amazed at how different my life is now.

S.B., San Francisco, CA

God bless you and thank you for doing this work for our veterans.

T.R., Washington D.C.

It was like doing 10 years of therapy in 10 minutes.

J.K., Los Angeles, CA

We need your help!

  • Are you a journalist or work in TV or radio?


  • Are you a veteran who’s part of a Facebook or other line group for veterans or the military?


    To prove to you this really works, we will turn off your PTSD or anxiety or for someone you know. In return, we need your help spreading the good word that we are making a difference.


    We need 75 – 100 very special people like you – people who can help tell this story to their friends and audience and put the brakes on veteran suicide.


    • Between now and Christmas 2016 I am putting up $150,000 to change these people’s lives and prove that this technology works.

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