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Headshot-Mike-thumbnailMike Peterson, Founder, Director

Waking up from a stroke on the operating table at age 29, Mike set out to find ‘anything and everything that works’ to reclaim his life. Since then, he has been studying, researching and developing powerful life changing technologies that work on “all levels, all at once”. These technologies range from the classics of psychology to the furthest edges of spiritual guidance and counseling.

Mike works on creating instant, permanent change in the deepest levels of our neurology, soul, and family experience. One of these areas was his ground breaking discoveries and treatment of nightmares. Dubbed Dream Mechanix™, he successfully heals sleep patterns by healing the underlying causes of most nightmares. He loves to hear his clients tell him about the best night sleep they’ve had in a long time.

Successfully combining all of these new technologies into The Guardian Method™, he has been returning war veterans, first responders and all sorts of victims back to easier, more peaceful lives.  To date, we’ve found no one that is able to accomplish what Mike’s able to do, and in mere minutes!

It’s no wonder many psychologists and counselors send him their worst cases!

Mike’s background is so diverse there is no single way to appreciate everything he does. He is a master NLP practitioner, trainer, spiritual counselor, family constellation therapy facilitator, and has studied hypnosis, psychology, theology, philosophy and everything in between.

Bill-Suiter-HeadshotBill Suiter, Co-Founder
SFCEH Certified Counselor

A rather gifted and well rounded individual, Bill has extensive life experience to draw upon. From success in banking and corporate technology sales to management and counseling experience.

Noted for the depth of his caring and robust whit, Bill’s client’s and colleagues are fortunate to know him and be touched by his loving presence. He has been actively involved in psycho-spiritual healing as well as soul realignment and virtual-neural networks experiments.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Art. He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer for NLP and Family Constellation Therapy. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Smoking Cessation Specialist, a member of the North American Academy of Hypnosis and International Hypnosis Federation and a member of the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists.

He practices from his office in Lucas Valley, California.

Headshot-Annie-thumbnailAnnie Kolatkar, Co-Founder 

Annie brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice and research. An intuitive all her life, Annie touches people as a leader, teacher, administrator, coach and counselor. As a Family Constellation and Changework facilitator, her clients know the love and deep caring that she brings to them.

Annie often says “I love when people realize how easy and exciting it can be to actually, finally change your life. It’s just a matter of people learning that we have these means to assist them. After that it’s a piece of cake!”

A gifted researcher, her passion is studying the links between the belief structure between mind, body and soul, and why so many of our clients have experienced near instantaneous emotional and physical healing. She is constantly exploring and observing why people are able to have these amazing experiences whereby healing happens. This area of “non-physical medicine” is something near and dear to her heart.

One of her rare and unique gifts is knowing where the energy of love is stuck and how it can be freed up to remove obstacles to healing.  For this reason, many medical doctors and alternative medicine practitioners send their patients to Annie to find and offer healing to the emotional root cause held in their body that prevents them from enjoying good health.

A resident of Los Angeles, she works with some of LA’s top psychologists and brings about significant changes for their most difficult patient cases.

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