What is the Guardian Method? – The method is a combination of hundreds of insights, discoveries and technologies. It’s influences come from classic psychology  and hypnosis to linguistics and spiritual counseling practices. It’s wisdom covers thousands of years of human understanding and unprecedented, brand new discoveries.

The Guardian Method is currently adapted and used  in 1 on 1 counseling sessions, though recent experience shows great promise for working with groups.

What is a session like? – A session is usually about 1.5 hours long and is a conversational format. In the session we discover exactly what your System is paying attention to and what your brain is doing on the inside that is producing the unwanted experience you are having.

You will then be gently guided in using your imagination to make specific learning happen between your right and left brains. It’s all very fun and easy.

How do I prepare for a session? – Preparing for a session is easy, with just a few requests. Make sure you are able to spend the session in a quiet place where you can sit – but not lie down – without being interrupted.

Make sure you are comfortable and make sure you eat before hand or have a healthy snack and some water or tea. Working on this level, our brain and body use a tremendous amount of energy making so many neuronal connections.

If a person is using alcohol or street drugs, we ask that you refrain from taking them and are sober and alert for at least a day before and a day after.

If you are taking any prescription drugs on doctor’s orders, continue to take them as prescribed. If any of your medications are opiods or impair your ability to focus, discuss with your doctor if it’s ok to skip a dose or appropriately change the dose in a way that will help you focus during our session.

What should I expect after a session? – The first thing you will notice at the end of your session is usually a feeling of calm and relief. The most commonly reported response to a session is that you will have one of the best night’s sleep that you’ve had in a long time. Your dreams can be both revealing and healing as your brain adjusts to the reduced levels of stress hormones in your body and the great updates of learning.

Clients often report that they feel several days of wonder at how different things seem and they get a chance to see and feel the world differently. It often ‘just feels different’ and your System is learning why.

Our brains keep on learning and making more sense of what really happened in our past with each day after your session. Client’s report continuing to have deep new insights from even one session.

What is actually happening in my brain during a session? – There are many, many reasons why the Guardian Method is so successful, and it would take pages and pages filling up this website to explain it all. However, there are a couple of things in particular we can describe.

Each hemisphere of our brain holds part of the story of who we are and what actually happened in our life. By using our specific methods, we get the two hemispheres to ‘talk’ to each other and learn what the other has to say. This is a big part of the process where our brain finally learns on all levels that the war, the car crash, assault, fire etc is finally over and we are safe in a much later present moment.

We are actually teaching your brain how to feel safe when it is actually safe to do so. Your brain will learn how to automatically determine when it’s ok to relax and when it’s appropriate to be on alert, without you having you exert your will about it, be disciplined about it, etc.  This is what begins to make life feel so much easier and more peaceful, immediately.

Do you do couple’s counseling? – Yes, we do. It’s a slightly different format where we start with the two people in the first session, then do a minimum of two sessions apiece separately before doing a follow up session with both people. This allows for a tremendous amount of  personal growth and expansion within the relationship and removing blocks for each person individually.

Do you do live, in person sessions? – We are so busy, we do almost all of our sessions over the telephone or occasionally Skype. You need not be in the same room to be able to receive maximum benefits from the session. We do occasionally make in person appointments for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles area on a pre-arranged basis only.

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