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We know that 22 veterans will try to kill themselves this Thanksgiving and we must find them first!

Right now they are feeling alone and at the end of their rope – even though they might be surrounded by people who care about them. Millions are suffering because of PTSD, anxiety and the depression and loneliness that comes from it.

Right now we can stop this senseless suicide if we tell every Veteran and their family to spread the word that help is on the way.

Even thought they’ve maybe lost a job, their home or their family they are steeped in the Warrior Ethos. They’ve been taught not to show fear or weakness and they hide behind a ‘good face’ for their families and battle buddies. Unfortunately, they are still fighting a war on a battlefield inside their Mind.

Through amazing new discoveries, The Guardian Method is consistently beating PTSD and anxiety – mostly in a few conversations and without any drugs ever. It works from anywhere in the world. No VA, no travel, no trips just a phone or internet connection.

This is why we must tell every veteran and their families because we don’t know which ones are suffering the most. We must tell them that these new, highly successful discoveries are ending the war that followed them home.

The Guardian Method is turning off the screams, the explosions and the nightmares from the other side of the world. The anxiety and depression that comes from it can rapidly begin to change, usually in just a few conversations from anywhere in the world.

They can finally start to have real healing and the life they deserve in the land they volunteered to serve and protect. This is our first objective with Operation Guardian Method – to give them true hope and the promise of something better to come.

We must buy valuable time for the cavalry to catch up! The Guardian Method is real and it works, but there are only a few of us at the moment. This good news needs to get out so we’re not going to wait until we raise an army of trained counselors. Waiting a few more months would mean thousands senseless suicides.

They need hope and a goal to live for right now!

It will take time to train more qualified counselors and it has to be done outside the VA and the Department of Defence.  The Veteran’s Administration is a broken, dysfunctional bureaucracy that thwarts the best efforts and intentions of too many good people in it.


I’m putting up $150,000 of my own money to stop this tragic suicide and I need your help to spend it!

To succeed, Operation Guardian Method needs an army of angels and patriots who are willing to help us find the people who can help us spread the word.

I need you to help me find 75 very special people. They might be your neighbor, a cousin or a friend who is a journalist. They might be a TV producer, a blogger or someone from church or your club. Maybe you just know someone who operates a veteran’s alumni group for their old unit, ship or squadron.

For them, a friend, family member or colleague I will turn off or radically dial down their PTSD or anxiety by Christmas this year to prove that it works. They in turn will help us spread the good word that help is on the way and be a part of Operation Guardian Method’s success. Portrait of firefighters standing by a fire engine

We need you to tell them about us and share this website on Facebook and via email. Please sign up to join our growing team of caring supporters and ‘Like’ this website on Facebook.

The time will come soon where we have to come together with one voice and speak up for these deserving people. To reach every Veteran and First Responder who serves this great country, we will need you to raise your voice with ours to lobby a broken Congress and effect real change.

Together we will save lives and give our veterans what they truly deserve: a peaceful heart and mind and the promise of a better life in the country they volunteered to serve and protect.

Humbly asking for your help,
Mike Peterson Founder and Director
San Francisco Center For Emotional Healing – Home of The Guardian Method

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I don’t feel angry towards civilians and it is so easy to be in crowds again. I can walk through malls or sit in restaurants and actually enjoy being with people again.

S.R.P., San Francisco Bay Area


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